Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Video time

If you haven't already seen these on Facebook, enjoy! If you have already seen them, enjoy again!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First haircut and other funny stories

I finally did it. I broke down and had Catherine's haircut. Why? Because being an active toddler means that it gets messed up easily and things get in her hair and all gross, and her being uncooperative about taking care of it makes life not fun for everyone. She won't even let her hair up in a pony tail for more than 47 seconds. So... it was time. Even with all of the above logic, I still had to talk myself through it. Why is this so traumatic? It seems silly. Her beautiful long curls... *sniff*... that will grow back, for cryin' out loud.

Well, it was worth it. She did great. Partially due to the great staff at Kid Cuts, partially due to her fascination with the sucker I allowed her to have. And she is so CUTE! Her new "doo" makes her look a little older. It is possible for a toddler to look sophisticated? Even Stephen approved, and he was more pouty about cutting her hair than I was. Here are pictures to prove it:

Other funny stories: (I think these could be featured on that show "Kids say the darndest things")
Stephen was in the car with her, and because he has a 2 seater, she gets to sit right next to him. She was playing with his beard and she declared "daddy fuzzy!".
Stephen: That's right. Is mommy fuzzy?
Catherine: Nooooo (giggles)
Stephen: Is Auntie Jenny fuzzy?
Catherine: Nooooo
Stephen: Is Uncle Phil fuzzy?
Catherine: Nooooo
Stephen: Actually, Uncle Phil IS fuzzy.
Catherine stops, furrows her brows, purses her lips, and thinks about that for a while.
Later, Phil came by to pick something up. Catherine had lots of fun playing with her Uncle Phil, and even made up a song with "I want Uncle Phil". After he left, she turned to Stephen and announced: "Uncle Phil fuzzy!" Stephen said he practically cried, he was laughing so hard. Smart girl for putting all of that together.
My story - Catherine and I get out of the car and are walking toward the house and she says "I see my house". Being silly, I point to our neighbor's house and ask her "is that our house?"
Catherine: Noooooo
Me: (pointing to another neighbor's house) Is that our house?
Catherine: Noooooo
Me: (pointing to our garage, which is separate from the house) Is that our house?
Catherine: No, that's daddy's house!
She made me laugh so hard that I could barely walk. I told Stephen that story and he smiled, saying "that's my girl!"