Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Camille - Hello dah-ling! I got your message the other night. It made me realize how much I miss you. Thank you for calling and letting me know that you were thinking of me (and Catherine too). Don't feel bad about not being able to visit as often as you would like, I know that it's hard. I have the weekend off, so I hope to be able to call you back!!! I love you and miss you terribly!

Val - Hey, we really missed you last weekend! I hope work is going well. I think I found the jacket that you were talking about; is this it? Marmot-Precip Sierra in size medium? We still have quite a few left - let me know if you still want it. Call me!
UPDATE: too late! They're gone already. Hopefully that wasn't the one you wanted?? If not, find something else - tons of options. Call me and I'll help, kay?

Aunt Karen - I don't have a good way to reply to your comments =( But I love getting them! The last one you left about enjoying every moment with kids really struck my heart. I love that song "you're gonna miss this". Every time I hear it, it helps me keep things in perspective and I get tears in my eyes. We miss you!

Mom - nothing in particular, just wanted to say "hi"! Love you!

Tina - I love your stories on your blog. Your kids are so entertaining! Oh, and I love David Cook too! If anything goes by what the performances were last night, I think it's time for dull dreadlocks dude to GO!

If I missed you, no worries! I only had a few messages to send out. If you're reading this, I love you and miss you, too!!! =)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

'Nuff said


Monday, April 28, 2008

Soprano diva

Yesterday was the biggest event in my choral experience. Hands down. Exciting, thrilling, intense. A complete extravaganza!

4 choirs and 1 orchestra together in one performance. We all had our chances to perform separately, and then we performed Poulenc's
Gloria all together - 200 voices and a full 40 piece orchestra. Incredible.

Even better was the venue.
Benaroya Hall in Seattle. You know that fancy concert hall in downtown Seattle? Yup, that's the one!

I was so grateful for those to come, and sad for those that couldn't be there. But everyone that saw our performance completely raved about it. My BFF Dawn and my mom even got Jen and me flowers - I felt like such a star!

No experience like this comes without pictures:

Pictures of the 3 of us - Jen, Stephen and me
Concert program

Seattle Bach Choir on stage at Benaroya

Before leaving for the concert

Friday, April 25, 2008


When you're cleaning up after your toddler, do you ever feel like you're just hitting the "reset" button?


Thursday, April 24, 2008

bitch whine rant

It's one of those days when you're moping around being miserable and you look down... and your shoe is untied. And suddenly you let loose with curses: "Can't anything go right today?"

For me, it started last night... well, maybe earlier this week. I've been stressed and tired, and all 3 of us have various forms of the same cold. For me, it's all in my sinuses and I'm soooo tired all the time. But I'm desperately trying to save my strength and my voice for this weekend, for what will most likely be the biggest event in my choral experience. And worrying about Catherine being sick is never good (she's better now, but she has an upper respiratory infection).

But then last night... OK, it's a little petty and not related at all to other stuff going on this week. But my Irish rockstar got voted off AI last night. The dull dreadlocks dude? Safe. The blonde chick who seriously screwed up her performance? Oh yeah, she's safe too. But my favorite? Nope, she's gone.

Like I said - not really that big of a deal, I realize that. But then everything else. Like how many times can I possibly be let down by friends this week? This is really starting to piss me off. I realize that I've been so involved with my family that I can barely stick my finger in anything else. But I'm trying. And I care. And it's been all this week - I feel like there's a conspiracy with everyone against me. What the hell? And what the hell am I supposed to do? Take a hint that I need to stop trying?

And I'm realizing it's not just this week. This is just an accumulation of what I've been feeling over the last months.

I just don't know what to do any more.

But it's not all friends. And it's not all the time. I'm old enough that I have learned that most friendships come and go, and even the ones that you are lucky enough to have hold on have their ebbs and flows. I suppose I'm just in the middle of several ebbs, and others I may need to be ready to just let go.

I'm in need for a serious mood lifter. Some restored hope in friendships. Some support and love in what I am doing in life. Is that too much to ask for? Well, probably.

Have you ever been addicted to something? Smoking, for instance. And you're quitting, but you have a bad day, so you give in and light up. Yeah, my addiction is bad food. So I'm going to get back to my chocolate ice cream now.

Hopefully I haven't brought your day down as bad as mine is. Don't feel bad for me. I'll feel better eventually.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Funny Catherine stories, part 3

Funny things that Catherine has been up to lately:

She'll find one of our sets of keys, will carefully pull out one key pointing out, and will go up to the front door and try to reach the doorknob to put the key in. Never mind that the key only opens it from the outside, but it's so cute!

She loves playing with this cute kecklace (actually a party favor) and will carry it around with her everywhere. The cutest thing - there's been a couple of times getting ready that we'll both have jacket and shoes on, and I say "ready to go?" and she will get the necklace, put it around her neck, and then follow me to the door!

When we're playing out in the living room, she'll pick up one of her books and bring it over to me. When I take it from her and ask "would you like mommy to read to you?", she'll climb in my lap (if she didn't automatically do so in the first place), and will sit with me reading the book. She points to pictures and turns the pages as I read. And when the book is done, she'll find another one and we do it all over again!
Catherine went into our room and brought back one of my shirts and handed it to me. I asked "do you want to wear mommy's shirt?" and she put her hands up just like she does when we're changing her clothes. It was so adorable that Stephen wouldn't let me take it off of her until he found the camera!
This is her most recent favorite sign, which generally means "want". Naturally, we usually see her do it when there's food around. She also learned how to sign "please" recently!

I love going to the mall with her and letting her play in this giant play area they have. It's so fun watching her interact with the other kids and have so much fun! This time really made for some adorable pictures!

One of the MOST adorable things she's been doing recently is she'll just lay down and rest her head in the middle of the floor. Her favorite thing is to pull out a pillow and lay down on it. She was cuddling with Elly this time, and there's that adorable necklace!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Regaining control

As soon as the dust settled from my most recent class, I looked around at my life and wondered what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks happened. I'm glad that I've been able to be so focused on being a student and a mom, but many things sacrificed. So now that I am officially on spring/summer break, I've vowed to regain control in several areas.

My house: the yard is a disaster, and things have become very unorganized and easily messy around here. I'm getting our papers in order and doing a lot of catch up work around the house.

My health and well being: I've started a different food plan (the core plan for those familiar with WW). It requires eating only foods from a specific list and using a weekly allowance to eat foods not on the list. It's super tough, but I love it. I'm eating tons more fruits and veggies. I'm also working out. Wow, I know. But I want to do the whole package. It's a constant struggle against my laziness, but it's worth it. And I've already lost 5 pounds! If I keep going, I should be able to lose 30 pounds before our Europe trip!

My/our finances: I'm sticking to my committment in working more to enable us to pay for Europe more easily. I'm also upping my committment to being more stict with our budget. We have a plan, I just need to stick with it. Again addressing my problem with willpower.

My friendships: I feel like I have been so lazy with my committment to my friends. I keep saying that I'll call or we'll get together. Well, I have to realize that even though Catherine is a lovely distraction, I do have a bit more time on my hands to do these things - I just need to do it! I love my friends and I do not want them to forget that!

My hobbies: When I have the time, I want to make a committment to doing some of the simple things that I love doing just for me. I want to start taking more pictures of Catherine, even if there's no special event or holiday. I don't want to forget these days passing by. And doing my scrapbooking more - it's been months and I have some catching up to do!

My marriage: Yes, unfortunately even this has suffered a little. We're still doing really well of course, but I feel bad that I haven't been quite all there for my loving and patient husband as much as I could have.

Other: I'm taking on the role of organizing a yard sale for a fundraiser for our Europe trip. And I'm helping Jen organize getting Tshirts to sell for another fundraiser. And not to mention all of the things that need to get in order before our trip. All will happen.

It sounds like a lot - it is. But it needs to happen. The only thing standing in the way is me.

Ask and ye shall receive

OK, OK, I know. We've been MIA for a while. We've just been really busy but with normal, everday stuff so I really haven't had anything interesting to post. More posts to follow shortly as I have the day OFF (as in, to myself and no work). I promise that all is well.