Monday, February 1, 2010

For my 3 year old girl

For my grown-up big girl, my wonder, my baby forever.

How is it possible that just yesterday I was holding your hands while you learned to take your first steps? And the day before that I was holding you in one arm and you would fall asleep on my chest?

Your first word was "no". And your daddy and I looked at each other and asked "oh boy - does that count as her first word?" And now you are talking so much - beyond full sentences and full thoughts. You and I can practically have philosophical conversations together. You never cease to impress me. Recently you were looking out the window looking for animals and you turned to me and said "mommy, Jesus loves all the animals just like he loves me!" You blow me away.

And you drive me crazy too. I'll admit it. You test every inch of your mommmy's patience. For me to be able to love you even when you drive me nuts... well, that's strong love, little girl. You may never know how much I really love you. I may not ever truly understand it.

You are a very, very independent girl. Oh wow. If there is one thing that I hear you say over and over, it is "I want to do it my very own self!" You love to help me, especially in the kitchen. Any job that you can do yourself makes you so happy. As long as you actually want to do it, of course. You are a toddler, after all.

But sometimes I see past that baby/toddler grin and I see a glimpse of the future - of who you will be. I love that. I try to cherish every moment with you because I know that future is coming fast.

Now you're going to be a big sister. And I think you will be a fabulous big sister. I think you already are.

3 years old. Going on 20. =) You really do crack me up. And I love you. More than words can say.

Happy birthday, Catherine Eleanore. Happy birthday to you.